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iCAN (instant Cash Acceptance Network) Website
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W2B (Web to Business) is a dynamic company that leads the way in the industrial application of "Open Source" web based client-server technologies. W2B is one of the first companies that has taken a hands-on approach to open standards web technologies for building Business Management Systems.

We offer a wide variety of high-end services based on the development and support of centralized real-time systems for small to large enterprises, state and public structures:

Custom Solutions
  • Payment Systems
  • Intranet/Portal;
  • DocFlow/WorkFlow/BPM;
  • Business-to-Business, B2B;
  • Business-to-Consumer, B2C;
  • Customer Relationship Management, CRM;
  • Supply Chain Management SCM;
Standard Solutions

Complete solution for Cash Acceptance Network

The cash is not yet dominant payment type in the 21-th century, but undoubtedly it keeps (and will keep) very strong position in the market even in the economically and technologically high developed countries. "The cashless market" idea became utopia because of significant business, technical, social and psychological reasons.

The big researches on this issue in 2007 and 2008 discovered huge scales of small cash usage in the market.

Euromonitor International reports that currently cash remains the most popular method of payment, with some three-quarters of all payments made in cash.

Another important conclusion is a dominant role of cash payments below $3 in the total number of personal transactions with the cash.

iCAN (instant Cash Acceptance Network)
As software developer company W2B company started to take up this challenge since 2007. We had developed full-automated cash acceptance network based on the advanced technologies. W2B Payments allows accepting real-time cash payments for the leading operators of mobile and landline communication networks, commercial television and various service providers. We support up to 200 service providers, 100 000 agent outlets. Our processing center is able to accept more than 500 concurrent client requests. One day turn-over of our system is approximate $5 million....
Solution Documentation: W2B Payments (PDF, 625kb)

Visit our iCAN (instant Cash Acceptance Network) Website to find out more about W2B Payments and Payment Networks built on it.

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